Agenda and draft minutes

Private Meeting, Site Viewing Working Party - Thursday, 18th June, 2020 2.00 pm

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Contact: Mark Gregory  Democratic Services Officer

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Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Howard, Keast and Lloyd.



Declarations of Interests


There were no declarations of interests relating to matters on the agenda.


APP/20/00123 -5 Orange Row, Emsworth


Proposal:           First floor balcony and replacement spiral staircase


The briefing was held given a request by a ward Councillor that this application be determined by the Development Management Committee.


The Working Party received a written report, which identified the following key considerations:


(i)           Principle of development


(ii)          Appropriateness of design and impact on the character of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


(iii)         Would the development preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area


(iv)         Impact upon residential amenity significantly to properties sited to the rear (south)


The members received a presentation from the officers outlining the report and familiarising the members with the site, the subject of the application. The Working Party noted that the existing south elevation drawing needed to be amended to reflect the position that there are no existing second floor balconies.


A ward member drew to the members’ attention that the fact that a majority of the buildings in the locality were in need of renovation.


In response to factual questions raised by members of the Working Party, the officers advised that:


(a)        there were two extant 2 objections to this proposal; a third objection had been withdrawn;


 (b)        the balcony screen on the west side, facing south, would be 1.8 metres high; the screens on the south and east sides would be 1.1 metres high. Members were advised that the potential impact of the balcony was the main concern of the officers;


(c)         the spiral staircase would replace the existing external stairs and a small landing. The main concern was the impact and use of the proposed balcony, which would be more prominent than the existing landing;


(d)          the Chichester Harbour Conservancy and the Councils Conservation Officer have been consulted with regards to this scheme and have made no objections. Overall it is considered that the proposal would have a limited and acceptable impact on the character and appearance of Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the Emsworth Conservation Area;


(e)          clarified that the areas delineated in purple on slide 20 were garage spaces with residential above; and


(f)           although the current occupiers of 3 Seaview Terrace supported the application, the Council was required to consider the impact of a proposal on current and future occupants when making a decision.


RESOLVED that, based on the site inspection and information available at the time, the following additional information be provided to the Development Management Committee:


a           details of the addresses of the properties shown on slide 16 of the presentation; and


b            details of the internal layout and windows of 3 and 4 Seaview Terrace to enable the Committee to understand the degree of overlooking and impact of the proposal on these properties