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Private Meeting, Site Viewing Working Party - Wednesday, 8th July, 2020 4.00 pm

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Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Howard.


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There were no declarations of interests relating to matters on the agenda.


APP/19/01048 - Northney Farm, St Peters Road, Hayling Island

Proposal:  Retrospective application for agricultural maize silage clamp and 3 metre high walls with safety rail.


(DMC Agenda Pages: 5-4)


(Case Officer: David Eaves – David.eaves@Havant.gov.uk)



Proposal:           Retrospective application for agricultural maize silage clamp and 3 metre high walls with safety rail.


The briefing was held at the request of the Director of Regeneration and Place.


The members received a presentation from the officers outlining the report and familiarising the members with the site, the subject of the application. The following key considerations were identified in the presentation:


(i)           Principle of development;


(ii)          The impact on the character and appearance of the area;


(iii)         The impact on residential amenity;


(iv)         Impact on the Setting of Heritage Assets (North Farm House);


(v)          Drainage and water resources; and


(vi)         Impact on protected sites and trees.



A ward member drew to the members’ attention to:


(a)             the noise generated by the previous operation of the silage clamp; and


(b)          the roman well nearby which could be polluted by surface water running off the silage clamp


In response to factual questions raised by members of the Working Party, the officers advised that:


(1)         although the silage clamp, on its own, could have been erected under permitted development rights, the metal framework required planning permission. The application submitted for consideration by the Development Management Committee was for the clamp and the metal framework;


(2)          the clamp would be used for the storage of winterfeed;


(3)          based on the information available at this meeting, it was difficult to estimate the potential height of the silage likely to be stored in the clamp. However, the maximum height should not exceed the height of the clamp walls;


(4)          the landscape planting would be regulated by condition 2;


(5)          the proposed landscape planting was intended to complement the existing screening to reduce impacts on the wider landscape;


(6)          the rails were a safety requirement for the farm;


(7)          the Chichester Harbour Conservancy had not been consulted as the application site was outside the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty;


(8)          with regard to noise generated by the operation of the clamp, Environmental Health had raised no objections. The Working Party was reminded that some noise and/or odour from the operation of the farm was to be expected:


(9)          the drainage system used for the previous silage clamp was being used to drain the current clamp. This system was to the south of the site and away from the boundary with North Farm House and the nearby Roman well; and


(10)       the Council could impose a condition regulating the height of the silage.


RESOLVED that, based on the site inspection and information available at the time, the following additional information be provided to the Development Management Committee:


A           more recent photographs showing the site in summer foliage;


B            the results of an investigation into the suitability of using Ash trees to screen the proposal;


C           The result of an investigation into the most suitable size for proposed planting; and


D           clarification on the limits on the capacity of the silage clamp and the height of the silage within the metal frame.