Agenda item

Review of Premises Licence


The Sub-Committee considered an application for a Premises Licence in respect of The Lord Raglan, 35 Queen Street, Emsworth.


The following documents were submitted to the Sub-Committee:


(i)                   report of Licensing Officer;


(ii)                  application for Review of the Premises Licence;


(iii)                 representations from the Premises Licence Holder;


(iv)                 representation from the Police;


(v)                  representations from the Designated Premises Supervisor


(vi)                 representations from other third parties;


(vii)                relevant Regulations Relating to Hearings; and


(viii)               hearings Procedure


The Licensing Officer presented her report to the Sub-Committee and gave an outline of the application and representations received.


The police were invited to make representations to the Sub-Committee in relation to the application.


(the meeting adjourned at 11.11 and resumed at 11.19)


The police responded to members’ questions and the other parties were given an opportunity to ask questions of the police each other.


The other parties were invited to make their representations to the Sub-Committee in relation to the application for review. The parties responded to members’ questions and given an opportunity to ask questions of each other.


The parties were then given an opportunity to make their closing submissions.


(The Sub-Committee adjourned at 1.35pm to consider the application)


(The Sub Committee resumed at 2.10pm)


The Monitoring Officer asked the parties if they were agreeable to a condition being attached to the licence restricting access to the DPS’s spouse entering and remaining in the bar, lounge and dining areas of the premises; it appeared from the plans that such a condition would not prevent the spouse from accessing the living accommodation at the premises. 


After a discussion all parties agreed to this condition. In agreeing to this condition, the DPS suggested that access should also be extended to the garden area. Mr Thornton advised the DPS that if this condition was attached to the licence, the DPS would be responsible for ensuring that this condition was complied with. The DPS accepted the responsibility and advised that the condition, if applied, was workable and would be adhered to.


(The Sub-Committee adjourned at 2.20 pm to consider the application further.)


(At 2.25 pm the meeting reconvened and the Democratic Services Officer read the decision to the parties.)




The Sub Committee was concerned to learn about these incidents and the way the police were treated. However, the Sub-Committee was satisfied that these were isolated incidents and it would inappropriate to remove the DPS, or to revoke or suspend the licence in this case.


However, the Sub Committee did consider that it was appropriate to impose the following condition restricting Mr Mahoney’s access in the following terms as agreed by all parties.


RESOLVED that the following condition be added to the premises licence for The Lord Raglan, 35 Queen Street, Emsworth:


Condition 7


For a period of 12 months from 25 April 2019, Peter Mahoney shall be prevented from entering and remaining in the areas marked bar/lounge/dining area and garden on the plan attached the premises licence. This restriction to be in place during the hours which the licensed premises are open.