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APP/19/00479 - Front Lawn Recreation Ground, Somborne Drive, Havant

Proposal:       Extension of time of use of floodlights for Artificial Grass Pitch and Multi Use Games Area by 30 minutes to 22:00 hours.


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Proposal:       Extension of time of use of floodlights for Artificial Grass Pitch and Multi Use Games Area by 30 minutes to 22:00 hours.


The Committee considered the written report and recommendation from the Head of Planning to grant temporary permission.


The Committee received corrections to the report circulated prior to the meeting.


The Committee was addressed by Mr Wood, Senior Community Officer, who supported to the application for the following reasons:


1.           The site provided a facility for a variety of local partners to deliver positive outcomes. This included provision for in the region of 43 different teams and a total of 730 users utilising the facilities on a weekly basis in the first year. In addition, the site offered several training opportunities including sporting qualifications, safeguarding and first aid courses.


2.           It would enable an additional 30 minutes of floodlight usage and thereby provide additional capacity.


In response to questions from members of the Committee, the deputee advised that:


(a)          Front Lawn Community Hub was operated by Hampshire FA who leased the facilities from Havant Borough Council.  Hampshire FA managed the booking of the site and was responsible for the operation of the floodlights;


(b)          with regard to complaints received that floodlights had been left on after 21:30, this may have happened on one occasion due to initial teething problems.  The Council had worked closely with Hampshire FA to ensure that the conditions were complied with and was not aware of any recent complaints; and


(c)          technology existed for the lights to be turned off automatically so this was a potential option should the conditions not be complied with.


In response to a question from a member of the Committee, officers advised that:


(i)           Environmental Health Officers had been involved when the initial complaints had been received regarding the lighting.


The Committee discussed the application in detail together with the views raised by deputee.


The Committee considered that this was an important site for recreation and that the floodlighting would have minimal impact on adjoining properties as it was directional and screened by the mature trees.  It was also considered that that the extension of time would be a deterrent for anti-social behaviour. It was therefore:


RESOLVED that temporary permission be granted for application APP/19/00479 subject to the following conditions:


1            This permission to extend the hours of usage of the floodlights to 22:00 at this facility on a daily basis, is of a temporary nature and will expire after a 12 month period calculated from the date of this approval. Thereafter, the permission will revert to those hours permitted originally under Condition 2 of APP/15/01162, unless the prior written consent of the Local Planning Authority has been obtained in writing for a further period.


              Reason: In order for the Council to fully understand and assess the implications and outcomes of such an extension of time, and whether any additional measures require implementation, to protect the amenities of nearby residential properties and having due regard to policy DM10 of the Havant Borough Local Plan (Core Strategy) 2011 and the National Planning Policy Framework.


2            Within 1 month of the grant of this planning permission, a Management and Maintenance Scheme for the facility including management responsibilities, a maintenance schedule and a mechanism for review shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority (after consultation with Sport England). The Scheme shall include measures to ensure the replacement of the Artificial Grass Pitch within a specified period. The measures set out in the approved scheme shall be complied with in full, within 1 month of the scheme being approved by the Local Planning Authority.


              Reason: To ensure that the new facility is capable of being managed and maintained to deliver a facility which is fit for purpose, sustainable and to ensure sufficient benefit of the development to sport and having due regard to policy DM1 of the Havant Borough Local Plan (Core Strategy) 2011 and the National Planning Policy Framework.


3            Within 1 month of the grant of this planning permission plans and particulars specifying the layout, depth and capacity of all foul and surface water drains and sewers proposed to serve the same, and details of any other proposed ancillary drainage works/plant (e.g. pumping stations) shall be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for approval.  The approved scheme shall be fully implemented in full accordance with such plans and particulars as are thus approved by the Authority, within 1 month of that approval.

              Reason: To safeguard the amenities of the locality and retained trees and to ensure that all such drainage provision is constructed to an appropriate standard and quality and having due regard to policies and proposals CS16, DM8 and DM10 of the Havant Borough Local Plan (Core Strategy) 2011 and the National Planning Policy Framework.


4            The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans:


              Location plan -27973PD - 00

              Block plan - 27973 - 101 E

              Artificial Turf Pitch ATP Isometric view

              Layout plan


              Reason: - To ensure provision of a satisfactory development.

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