Agenda item

Revenue, Capital Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy to 2024/25

Report to follow under separate cover.


Cllr Briggs presented the findings of the Governance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee’s review of members allowances.


In the wider context of the Councils finances, some Cabinet members believed that the allowance scheme should remained unaltered and that there would be merit in driving towards a paperless culture.  It was suggested that part of the modernisation allowance could be used for the purchase of necessary equipment to facilitate a mover to paperless.


Cllr Pike proposed the motion put forward and this was duly seconded by Cllr Bowerman.




(i)            Council be recommended to adopt the Members’ Allowance Scheme attached as Appendix B to the report; and


(ii)          Provision be made in the 2020/21 budget for the allowances set out in Schedule 1 of Appendix B of the report.


The Leader abstained from the vote due to the uplift proposed to the Leader’s allowance.


Cllr Briggs, Chairman of the Governance, Audit and Finance Board outlined the scrutiny of the draft budget that had taken place and commended it to Cabinet.


Cllr Turner introduced the budget report, outlining the process involved in arriving at a balanced budget, including the comprehensive reviews and challenge sessions that had taken place.


The S.151 Officer advised Cabinet that the budget would require recasting prior to being put forward to Council following the recommendation in respect of councillor’s allowances.


Cabinet thanked officers for their hard work in producing a balanced budget which remained in line with the Council’s key priorities.


Cllr Turner proposed the recommendations, and this was duly seconded by Cllr Bowerman.


Recommended that Council:


a)    Approves the proposed Revenue and Capital Budgets for 2020/21 including a Council Tax rate of £209.48 at Band D, representing a £5 increase on the current charge;


b)    Agrees the Capital Strategy, Treasury Management Strategy and Prudential Indicators; and



c) Agrees the increase to fees and charges for 2020/21.



Supporting documents: