Agenda item

APP/18/01033 - Land East of, Castle Avenue, Havant


Proposal:       Residential development comprising 69 No. dwellings with access from St George’s Avenue together with access, car parking, landscaping, electrical substation and associated works.


The briefing was held given a request by a ward member that this application be determined by the Development Management Committee.


The members received a presentation from the officer outlining the report and familiarising the members with the site, the subject of the application. During the presentation the members’ attention was drawn to amendments made to overcome concerns of neighbouring properties. The following key considerations were identified in the report:


(i)           principle of development;

(ii)          coordination of Development;

(iii)         nature of Development;

(iv)         impact on the Character and Appearance of the area;

(v)          residential and Neighbouring Amenity;

(vi)         access and Highway Implications;

(vii)        flooding and Drainage;

(viii)       the Effect of Development on Ecology;

(ix)         impact on Trees;

(x)          impact on archaeology; and

(xi)         community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), Contribution Requirements and legal agreement


The members were advised that it was understood that although the owner of 27 St Georges Avenue acknowledged the amendments made to overcome his concerns, the owner still had apprehension about the principle of developing this site.


Ward Councillors drawn members’ attention to:


a)           the closeness of the development to 27 St Gorges Avenue;


b)           the fact that the Service 27 did not run as often as stated in the officers’ report; and


c)           to the fact that the nearest bus stop at Green Pond Corner was in excess of what would be considered sustainable.


In response to factual questions raised by members of the Working Party, the officer advised:


(1)          that the distance between the elevation of 27 St Georges Avenue and plot 69 was 6 metres;


(2)          that the play area was not in the same location as the pond;


(3)          that further tree planting was included in the landscape scheme;


(4)          that the parking areas would be a mixture of parking courts and garages;


(5)          that although the only access to the site was St Georges Avenue, vehicles were not required to use the whole length of this road to join other roads;


(6)         on the relationship of this development with other development areas identified in the emerging Local Plan;


(7)          that the current site formed part of the area identified for housing as H15 in the emerging Local Plan; and


(8)          that the site was not identified as housing site in the current Local Plan..



RESOLVED that, based on the site inspection and information available at the time, the following additional information be provided to the Development Management Committee:


a)               clarification of the distance from the centre of the site to the bus stop at Green Pond Corner;


b)               clarification of the timetables for buses serving the bus stops in Southleigh Road and Green Pond Corner;


c)               clarification on the definition of sustainability in relation to bus services;


d)               a slide indicating the separation distances from 27 St Georges Avenue to plot 69;


e)               clarification on the potential for adopting the proposed link road into the remainder of site H15 as a highway maintainable at the public expense; and


f)            clarification on the nutrient neutrality aspect of this application