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Gambling Act 2005 Hearing - Application for a Premises Licence - The White Hart, 1 East Street, Havant, Hampshire


The Sub-Committee considered an application for a Premises Licence in respect of The White Hart, 1 East Street, Havant.


The following documents were submitted to the Sub-Committee:


(i)                    Report of Licensing Officer;


(ii)                  Site Plan


(iii)                 Summary of Gaming machine categories and Entitlements;


(iv)                 Operating Licence issued to Golden Shots (Southern) Limited;


(v)                  Planning Response;


(vi)                 Gambling Commission 5th Edition Guidance dated September 2015;


(vii)                Havant Borough Council’s Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Principles 2014;


(viii)              Notice of the Hearing;


(ix)                 Representatives received from Councillor Pike, Mr Dawes and Canon Kennar; and


(x)                  Hearings Procedure


The Licensing Officer presented his report to the Sub-Committee and gave an outline of the application and representations received.


All parties were invited to make representations to the Sub-Committee in relation to the application. The parties responded to members’ questions and were given an opportunity to ask questions of each other.


The Sub-Committee adjourned at 12.10 pm to consider the application.


At 13.24pm the meeting reconvened in Room B026 at the Public Service Plaza and the Democratic Services Officer read the decision to the parties.




RESOLVED that application for a Premises Licence in respect of The White Hart, 1 East Street, Havant, be granted, subject to the following condition:


(1)       the premises will have a digital CCTV system that covers many areas of the premises, including the proposed main area which is to be used for gaming machines.  Images, where retained, will be kept for a minimum of 31 days and made available to any enforcement authority on reasonable request.  The system will be maintained and kept in good working order at all times.  Copies will be supplied to the Police and Local Authority on reasonable demand and must be available to be viewed on Windows based systems.


The Licensing Sub-Committee considered that the location of the premises was acceptable and bore in mind that no objections had been raised by the Police and other statutory consultees. In reaching its decision the Sub-Committee had regard to:


(A)       the promotion of the Licensing Objectives of the Gambling Act 2005 and the Council’s Statement of Principles 2014 Guidance;


(B)       material representations made by the applicant and the objectors: moral and ethical objections could not be applied in accordance with the Guidance to Licensing Authorities;


The Sub-Committee was satisfied that this condition was necessary to promote all Licensing Objectives and it was proportionate.

Supporting documents: